What is Digital Signage?<br />  Learn & Understand the Dynamic Nature of Digital Signage & its Growing Popularity!
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What is Digital Signage?
Learn & Understand the Dynamic Nature of Digital Signage & its Growing Popularity!

Welcome to Digital Signage Resource! We strive to bring you the most up to date news & regionalized industry information regarding digital signage. Digital Signage Resource aims to keep our readers at the forefront of the digital signage industry & its advancements. Digital signage has become more & more popular over the past few years, & is becoming an accepted way to communicate with both consumers & employees.

Digital signage, and its usage, is only going to grow as our world becomes more reliant upon technology & its advances. Digital signage gives you the ability to instantly update your advertising & presentations, ultimately saving time, manpower & funds. Digital Signage Resource offers an incredible selection of articles, reviews & analysis of innovative developments related to digital signage, digital media, dynamic content, software solutions, media players, web-based networks & digital signs.

Digital signage has made it possible for businesses large & small to run dynamic content & advertising. Media players are available in a variety of styles & designs, offering digital signage with features such as full-screen displays, split or "framed" screen presentations, slide shows, RSS feeds, video displays & even Live TV!

Saks Fifth Avenue's 2013 "Snowflake Spectacular"


'Tis the season for the annual Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Display. Check out a video of this year's 3D display below. The storefront projection covers the entire facade of their building, drawing attention from the busy NYC streets and strengthening the company's strong connection with the holiday season. Each window tells a piece of a story of "the legendary Yeti" who lives on top of the building and makes snow during the holidays. Interactive screens also display custom snowflakes that can be created by going to the store's website.
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Free Digital Signage from Rise Vision


Rise Vision is a digital signage solution provider with a unique product: a completely free digital signage platform. The open source platform runs on the Google App Engine and delivers dynamic content to an unlimited number of displays anywhere in the world. There is no limit to the amount of users or presentations that can be added to an account. Users can take advantage of the free templates offered, or create custom presentations with components such as spreadsheets, directories, live feeds, videos, images and much more. The company states, "if it can run in a browser, it can run on our platform". Check out Rise Vision's brief video overview below to learn more.
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Use Google Web Designer Tool to Create Ads & Graphics in HTML5


Google's newest tool, Web Designer (Beta) was released earlier this month as an easy-to-use interface for creating custom graphics and animations using HTML5 and CSS3. Originally designed as a tool for creating ads and web graphics, many digital signage experts expect Web Designer to create some waves in the digital signage industry. In an industry formerly controlled by proprietary software and complicated media players, HTML5 devices and cloud-based management services are quickly lowering the cost of digital signage applications. With Google Web Designer, a tool that is free for everyone, users can design and deploy custom, visually stunning graphics to be used as dynamic signage. From digital menu boards, to internal corporate communications & in-store advertisements, this simple solution could quickly gain popularity throughout tons of industries, hopefully deeming high-cost content management systems and services obsolete. The tool offers tons of great features, including different authoring modes. Beginners can use the tool simply to design graphics, while advanced users can manipulate the backend code. Create or import graphics, and add 3D animation and transitions to bring your designs to life!
Google Web Designer

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Visit Google Web Designer to learn more and download the free tool.

NYC's Foot Locker Launches Interactive Kiosk for Custom New Balance Sneakers


New Balance & Foot Locker have worked together to launch an interactive kiosk in Foot Locker's Time Square location. The kiosk was installed in the center of a New Balance merchandise display, and allows customers to design totally custom sneakers. Watch the time lapse installation and demo above.

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Using Digital Signage to Promote "Invisible" Products


AT&T has designed an "experience store" in downtown Chicago to showcase newer, innovative products such as home automation, automobile security and more. The flagship store features an 80-foot video wall and interactive digital signage tables to enable visitors to interact with their products and get a sneak peek into the future of the company. AT&T, formerly Southwestern Bell Corporation, was struggling to overturn the concept that the business was little more than a telephone company. The new experience store offers an informative, and entertaining, way for customers to get to know the company's full scope of products and services.

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Interactive Retail Display Tables


interactive retail displays

PERCH Interactive, Inc. has launched a new tool designed to turn any light-colored table into an interactive retail display. The table display can showcase touch-responsive product details, narratives, lighting, demo videos, website feeds and more! The display responds to touching a product, picking up a product, returning the product, or touching the surface. Many huge brands have deployed PERCH displays, including Gillette, Delta Air Lines, Maker's Mark, NEXXUS, and many others. The image displayed above shows NYC's high-end BaubleBar jewelry store with a PERCH interactive display. The table calls visitors to interact with the products. Once approached, the content changes to show Instagram images of models wearing the jewelry, how-to guides for wearing the items, and product information. The CEO and Founder of PERCH Interactive has been referred to as a "Re-Inventor of Retail".

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Chevy Uses Interactive 3D Digital Signage to Promote 2012 Sonic


Last year, Chevy partnered with Pearl Media and Goodbye Silverstein & Partners to launch the world's largest "Claw Game" on Hollywood Boulevard, while earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records along the way. According to Pearl Media, this is the first ever project to integrate 3D animation and 3D game play into a seamless combination of animation, gameplay, lighting, video and sound effects. The 3D projection was mapped to the contours of the 10,000+ square-foot facade of the Roosevelt Hotel. The interactive display was controlled with a human-sized joystick positioned on Hollywood Boulevard, challenging players to play to win one of many prizes. Over 300 people played the claw game, with over 45,000 onlookers. A lucky 150 players took home a prize, including Burton snowboards, Go-Pro cameras, SXSW Music Festival tickets, and more. The lucky grand prize winner took home a brand new Chevy Sonic.

Coca-Cola Deploys Interactive Vending Machines that Promote Peace between India and Pakistan


In March, the company deployed Coca-Cola vending machines that served as an interactive window between Lahore and New Delhi. Located in popular shopping malls in each city, the vending machine gave visitors the chance to communicate with someone from their neighboring country. The giant digital signage screen allowed people to interact by touching hands through the screen, tracing peace signs, or sharing a dance. The display ends with a message of peace, "Togetherness, humanity, this is what we all want, more and more exchange." It speaks to the common citizen and challenges them to act on what they believe is right. The "Small World Machines" ad includes quotes from both Indians and Pakistanis asking, "It's like, this is what we're supposed to do, right? We are going to take minor steps so that we are going to solve bigger issues." Coca-Cola's global creative director launched the campaign with the hopes of promoting peace, open communication and happiness by creating shared stories and experiences between strangers from all walks of life.

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Learn How To Create Effective Digital Signage Content


Check out a blog written by WireSpring's CEO, Bill Gerba, about the factors that must be considered when designing digital signage content. Learn about:

  • Positioning and grouping of important messages
  • Effective use of imagery and symbols
  • Determining and writing the best call-to-action
  • The best use of font faces, colors, contrast, and motion
  • Digital signage screen size and orientation
  • And More!

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Clear Channel Outdoors Digital Billboards Aid in Public Safety After Boston Marathon Bombings


Clear Channel Outdoors launched previously planned safety alerts just minutes after the first bombing occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. CCO provided ongoing access to digital signs to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency throughout the entire emergency situation. These digital billboards played in integral role in alerting Bostonians to avoid Copley Square on the day of the incident, as well as serving as a "Wanted" Sign for one of the suspects later in the week. Finally, these billboards directed residents to stay home as Boston entered lock down later on Friday. CCO works with other federal and state agencies to increase public safety and awareness by deploying large-scale digital signage that can be updated in real time.

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Digital Signage Video of the Week:

SignageLive Demonstrates New QSR Solution on Samsung's Smart Signage Platform


Watch this interview with the COO of Signagelive, Raffi Vartian. Signagelive is a UK-based digital signage software company that provides cloud-based content delivery solutions. Recently partnering with Samsung in support of their Smart Signage product line, the company is showcasing their new Quick Service Restaurant solution using the Smart Signage platform. This QSR solution publishes dynamic content on digital menu boards, such as nutritional information, prices, and product grouping. Updates can be pushed from any mobile device.

Digital Signage Article of the Week:


Digital Signage Displays using PowerPoint

Many digital signage users do not have a background in graphic design, and are simply looking for a user-friendly editing platform. As such, they rely on easy-to-use drawing tools, templates and slide designs found in PowerPoint to set up a visually appealing presentation. Digital signage software designers have been incorporating the ability to use PowerPoint slides into editors...

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Digital Signage Video of the Week:

Christie Introduces MicroTile Digital Signage Interactivity Kit


At ISE 2013, Christie unveiled their latest interactive digital signage solution. This interactivity kit transforms a standard video wall into a huge interactive display that can be used my multiple users at the same time. This is accomplished by placing an IR touch screen overlay on a display screen. In the video above, this overlay is on a wall of MicroTiles. The additional software allows developers to create customized interactive content. Christie's services team will also work with users to aid in the design and development of customized digital signage. In the video, you are seeing this interactivity kit in action in a retail setting. Viewers can touch a particular clothing item and see it on a model. This interactivity kit creates a visually stunning, large format interactive display that puts information, literally, at viewers' fingertips. Read more about this digital signage product here.

Digital Signage Article of the Week:


NFC Technology: How Print Media Is Battling Digital Signage

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is an emerging technology that allows short-range communication between NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones. Common NFC uses include data exchange or contactless transactions. Traditional sign and poster printers have taken this technology and begun using it to combat digital signage in ways that were never possible...

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Digital Signage Video of the Week:

Casio Introduces Projection Digital Signage Application


Watch an interview with Joe Gillio after a press conference at CES 2013 during which Casio unveils a new digital signage solution. This unique product combines Casio's projectors, screens from 3M and animation software to provide projection-based signage. Featuring capabilities such as talk-to-text and interactivity, this application offers a new alternative to typical tablet or monitor digital signage displays. Casio's goal was to develop a low-cost, easy to implement and update digital signage application. All updates can be done offline without any special post-production technology. This digital signage application can play pre-recorded scripts that are saved to an SD card and played with the included media player. Watch the interview to learn more about this attention-grabbing digital signage solution!

Digital Signage Article of the Week:


Audience for Android

Capital Networks is pleased to announce the latest addition to their Audience software: Audience for Android. As tablet-based digital signage applications have been a growing trend, the logical next step for digital signage software developer, Capital Networks, was to design a version of their content software that is powered by the Android operating system...

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Digital Signage Video of the Week:

Touch2View Brings 70" Tablet Display to D.C.


Touch2View is taking touchscreen displays to the next level! The digital signage specialists at T2V have designed this unique tablet, appropriately named the Giant iTab, to withstand use in retail and commercial settings. Look for Touch2View and their 70" touchscreen tablet display in Amsterdam at this year's Integrated Systems Europe. The video above shows this giant tablet at its appearance in Washington, DC for election night. Host Emily Maitlis of BBC uses the iTab to show up-to-date stats covering the 2012 Presidential election!

Digital Signage Video of the Week:

Digital Signage Expo 2012 Recap

If you were lucky enough to attend DigitalSignageExpo 2012, you sure were treated to some of the most revolutionary products you've ever seen in the marketing and advertising industry. The technology present at this show was absolutely astounding! Digital signage solutions were abundant in all shapes, sizes, forms and projections! Some of the solutions you see here are going to be the "next big thing". We're especially excited about the prospect of retail tablets, which are sure to revolutionize the point-of-purchase marketing schemes of countless businesses and industries.

Digital Signage Video of the Week:

Gillette Light It Up for the Olympics

The Summer Olympics are finally here and the world is watching! Last Friday host city London put on a truly breathtaking opening ceremony to kick off the much-anticipated games. After the festivities had died down, back home in Boston, Gillette razors put on quite a show as well. The Boston-based shaving company use digital signage technology to project videos onto the most unlikely (and coolest) of places. Digital signage technology featuring Tyson Gay, Ryan Lochte and some inspirational words were projected onto buildings and the fountains near Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art. Digital signage is making its presence known in the most amazing ways!

Digital Signage Video of the Week:

Interactive Digital Signage Hypes 'Ringer'

InWindow Outdoor has done it again. The digital signage company has created a truly unique interactive digital signage display as part as the advertising campaign for the show 'Ringer'. The interactive digital signage software displays were placed in high traffic areas in New York & Los Angeles in an effort to create buzz about the show. A camera is set up to portray pedestrians on the screen as they approach it. The digital signage software takes a snapshot of the pedestrian on one side, then on the other, and merges the two together, creating a virtual body double. This is appropriate since the basis of the show revolves around two identical twins. Here digital signage technology goes a step beyond dynamic into interactive!

Digital Signage Video of the Week:

Skype Station by AdTechPresents A Unique Digital Advertising Opportunity

Estonian development company AdTech has created a product that will provide businesses a highly visible form of digital advertising. The new Skype Station has been tested in 10 locations, including Tallinn International Airport in Estonia. The station allows any of the 600 million+ Skype users to sign in and chat with friends or loved ones. This is sure to become hugely popular in places like airpots, malls and college campuses. For businesses, this provides a new canvas on which to implement digital signage. Owners of the station can sell ad space for when the system is idle. This is just another example of how digital signage software is all around us!

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digital signageMyScreenAds.com is a digital signage company based in Austria. The company is happy to offer customers a free trial, along with lots of great social media plug-ins for their signage technology. MyScreenAds.com offers a web-based digital signage system, allowing for updates from virtually anywhere in the world!

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Digital Signage Video of the Week:

Play Catch With the Purina Digital Dog - All Using Digital Signage Technology

Retail store owners are always trying to capture the attention of passersby. Many have begun utilizing digital signage technology to do so. One company has taken it a step further. Inwindow Outdoor created an interactive digital signage application for Purina brand Beneful dog food. This program gave passersby the opportunity to interact with a virtual dog; playing fetch, customizing the appearance and even posing for a picture with the pooch. This digital signage software application was placed in storefront windows in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago & St. Louis. This really takes electronic advertising to the next level. Take a peek above!

Digital Signage Video of the Week:

What is Digital Signage? - a Humerous Depiction of Electronic Posters Being Used in Daily Life

If you're reading this website, then it's safe to say that you are well aware of what digital signage is & what a lot of its capabilities can be. An important factor to remember when implementing a new dynamic advertising campaign is that this maybe brand new to some of your viewers. Though the above video is meant to comical & entertaining, it brings to light an important issue surrounding digital signage: this is new technology for many companies & customers. Even the simplest of signs can have a drastic impact on the success of a message or advertisement. In other words, don't let the technological side of electronic poster frames hinder your ability to use this signage system to your advantage.

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digital signageMood Media® is a leading provider or sensorial marketing solutions throughout North America, Europe, Asia & Australia. The company specializes in creating a sensorial atmosphere in commercial locations by pairing sound, sight & smell stimulants with digital signage & radio services.

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digital signageDigital View is a trusted source for innovative digital signage solutions & advancements. The company implemented some of the first major global digital signage networks & is currently a "leader in the supply of specialist products for Pro-A/V markets." Some specific products offered are: multi-purpose LCD controllers, media player boards, & the all-in-one Chassis System. Various other accessories are also available.

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