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B - Digital Signage Terms Glossary

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Back Channel

Back Channel - digital signage

A communication pathway that runs from a media player, back to the control station or server. Back channel also relates to satellite broadcasting where a separate line, usually dialup, is provided to facilitate outgoing transmissions and communications.


Backdrop - digital signage

Backdrop refers to an optional and adjustable rectangular area of color behind a screen element. These can be used to add contrast to on-screen elements.


Background - digital signage

Background refers to the graphic image or solid color used as the basis for a content screen page. Various content elements are placed over the background.


Bandwidth - digital signage

Bandwidth is a measure of how fast data is transferred on a given transmission path, and is expressed in bits per second (bps). Web hosting businesses can provide you with summaries of bandwidth consumption for their networks. When it comes to bandwidth, more is better.

Baud Rate

Baud Rate - digital signage

Baud rate is a measure of the speed of serial communication using a modem or null-modem, and is roughly equivalent to bits per second.

Beats Per Minute

Beats Per Minute - digital signage

See BPM.


Bevel - digital signage

Bevel is a 3D effect that can be applied to text elements and clips to make them stand out.


Bitmap - digital signage

A bitmap is a data file or structure representing a grid of pixels, or points of color, on a computer monitor, paper, or other display device. A bitmap corresponds bit for bit with an image displayed on a screen, generally in the same format as it would be when stored in the display's video memory. A bitmap is characterized by the width and height of the image in pixels and the number of bits per pixel. The number of bits per pixel determines the number of colors it can represent. The color of each pixel is individually defined, and the greater the number of colors, the greater the file size. bandwidth

Bits Per Second

Bits Per Second - digital signage

See BPS.


Bold - digital signage

A type style in which characters appear heavier: This is bold. It can be used to make text stand out from the rest of the content.


Boot - digital signage

Refers to powering up a computer, server, or application. To boot your computer simply means to turn it on. It comes from the expression, "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps." Also see reboot.

Bounding Box

Bounding Box - digital signage

A bounding box is a box, represented by the selection frame, that surrounds a multi-line text element. The element's text lines can be aligned within the bounding box (left/center/right) independently of the alignment of the element as a whole. This element is used mostly in Scala applications, but can be found in others as well.


BPM - digital signage

BPM stands for beats per minute, which is the unit of measure that defines the tempo of music. This is used by content designers when trying to match up an audio to the sequence of video clips.


BPS - digital signage

Short for Bits Per Second, BPS is a measure of how fast data travels on a given transmission path. BandWidth


Branch - digital signage

A term used in scripting to refer to a jump to a different point in the linear sequence of events, as the result of a Go To, Repeat, or other similar event.


Broadcast - digital signage

To broadcast means to send content through a medium that is open for all to receive or see. Alternatively, it is a term used with some Scala applications. In this context, it is a type of ICDesigner connection in which Network Manager sends information to many Players all at once, rather than making a separate connection to each Player one at a time. Data that is broadcast reaches each Player, but only those Players to which it is intended will actually play it.

Broadcast Folder

Broadcast Folder - digital signage

A term used with some Scala applications, a broadcast folder is a folder on the Broadcast Server machine in which published files are received for subsequent broadcast transmission.

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