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G - Digital Signage Terms Glossary

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Gateway - digital signage

A gateway is is a computer or a network of computers that allows or controls access to another computer or network of computers.


GIF - digital signage

GIF stands for Graphic interchange format and is a common image file format. This format is not appropriate for all images because of its quality issues. It is generally suitable for smaller images that contain minimal colors. The file size of GIF files is significantly smaller that of JPEG files, making GIF files the preferred alternatives for web images. The small file size allows for fast downloads and transfers, and uses very little RAM when displayed.

Graphic Interchange Format

Graphic Interchange Format - digital signage

See GIF.

Graphical User Interface

Graphical User Interface - digital signage

Also known as the GUI (Pronounced gooey) the graphical user interface referrs to a user interface based on graphics instead of text, and uses multiple channels for user input. The windows operating system Vs. MS DOS is a good contrast between a graphical user interface and a textual user interface.


Group - digital signage

In a digital signage concept, a "group" is a set of select display devices that display the same content. A single media player can only play one file at a time, which is displayed to a "group" and thus, that entire "group" would receive the same media stream.


GUI - digital signage

See graphical user interface.

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