Digital Signage Terms Glossary
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Digital_signage - Digital Signage Terms Glossary

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage - digital signage

Digital signage is any dynamic display that communicates a message in a public environment to an audience, captive or not. Digital signage takes various forms, and could be a projector, plasma, LCD, television, or a computer monitor displaying advertisements in a retail store. Alternatively, displaying training seminars in a university would be considered a form of digital signage. It 's most common application is a network of numerous digital displays installed in one or more locations that are controlled from a central computer or server. Digital signage allows communicators to project a message to their customers and/or employees through a private network.

Digital Signage Network

Digital Signage Network - digital signage

A complete digital signage network includes servers, displays, and the control point. The network is normally owned by one entity, however, some business own the equipment while the digital signage provider owns the network's design, software, and content.

Tablet-Based Digital Signage

Tablet-Based Digital Signage - digital signage

The use of tablets, whether consumer-based or commercial grade, as both the screen and operating system for digital signage applications. This is a growing trend in retail settings, restaurants and service-oriented establishments.

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Digital Signage Glossary of Terms